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Here is some additional information about Blue Runner in Florida.

Blue Runner Fishing Information

illustrations: Diane Rome Peebles

Description: color light olive to bluish green above, silvery gray to golden below; frequently black spot on operculum; readily distinguished from crevalle jack by lack of a dark blotch on the pectoral fin; tail tips blackish.

Similar fish: bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix; other Caranx.

Where found: juveniles found OFFSHORE; adults NEARSHORE in schools, but something ranging INSHORE as well.

Size: usually less than 1 pound (11 inches).

Remarks: matures by 9 to 10 inches; spawns OFFSHORE from January through August; young form schools associated with floating objects, and have been observed living inside the bell of jellyfish; adults feed on fish, shrimp, and squid.

source: wikipedia
The blue runner (Caranx crysos) is a fish found along the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean, mostly in the inland waters of the east coast of North America and the west coast of Africa. The fish has a rounded body shape and can grow to up to 70cm long and weigh more than 5kg. The body is is silvery blue in color with a large eye.

Blue runners are known as very fast and aggressive fish, traveling in schools and eating smaller fish and invertebrates. Schools may also pick apart larger prey. Blue runners are considered game fish and their flesh is reportedly good to eat. Other names the blue runner may be known by are hardtail, bluestripe jack, and runner. They are also sometimes confused with the yellow jack, Caranx bartholomaei.

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