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Here is some additional information about Leatherjacket in Florida.

Leatherjacket Fishing Information

illustrations: Diane Rome Peebles

Description: body silvery, bluish above; fins yellow; rear parts of dorsal and anal fins consist of a series of finlets; spinous dorsal fin has 5 well-developed, unconnected spines; lateral line nearly straight; scales tiny, embedded; skin appears smooth.

Size: to 30 cm (1 ft.).

Where Found: enters bays and estuaries, often in turbid water.

source: wikipedia
The leatherjacket fish, skipjack or leather jack, Oligoplites saurus, is a jack and member of the Carangidae family. Leather jack may also refer to other members of the Carangidea family, such as the pilot fish.

Leatherjack may also refer to the smooth leatherjacket, a member of the Monacanthidae family.

"Slender, compressed shape with pointed head and large jaws for its size. Leathery skin is green above and silvery on the sides. Sharp spines on dorsal and anal fins can administer very painful puncture wounds." [1] Size is seldom above 12 inches, although somewhat larger specimens have been reported.

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